Mississippi School for the Arts

Mississippi School for the Arts

It is fitting that a state with a rich cultural and creative heritage should offer a strong arts education program for its aspiring artists, and Mississippi has done just that.  In 2003, the Mississippi School for the Arts (MSA) opened its Brookhaven campus to talented young Mississippians from across the state who are passionate about pursuing an arts education.

Using a rigorous admissions process that includes audition or portfolio presentations, MSA accepts only those students most committed to their art. And with a curriculum ranging from the performing and visual arts to math and science classes taken at Brookhaven High School, MSA is preparing its students to pursue careers – and not just an interest – in the arts.

At a time when school art budgets are continuing to be cut at schools around the United States, MSA shines as a beacon of promise for Mississippi’s young and talented artists.

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