Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College

Since their inception, Mississippi’s community colleges have played a vital role in Mississippi’s transition from an agricultural state to a more economically diverse one.

Founded in 1921, Pearl River Community College (PRCC) was Mississippi’s first publicly funded two-year college. While the college has garnered recognition for athletics and its involvement in industrial development, PRCC is beginning to be known for its arts instruction, as well.

In recent years, enrollment in PRCC’s fine arts program has jumped from 67 students to almost 200. Combine that with the school’s promising film and TV production program, and PRCC is positioning itself to become Mississippi’s premier junior college for training in the arts.

In addition to PRCC’s Associates of Arts degree, students can discover art and design through other programs offered by the school. No matter the degree, PRCC’s graduates will enter the workforce with training in the arts and in other creative fields.

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