Peavey Electronics Corporation

Peavey Electronics Corporation

For any other child, not having a guitar would end any dreams for rock-and-roll stardom. Fortunately, Hartley Peavey was not your ordinary kid. When his father refused to buy him an electric guitar, Peavey knew he had only one other option: make his own guitar – and amplifier.

So what started in 1965 as a business run out of the Peavey’s basement has grown to the Peavey Electronics of today: a giant in the sound and music technology industry, as well as Mississippi’s 10th largest manufacturer.

With more than 2,000 Peavey products distributed to 136 countries, Peavey sound systems are found everywhere from the Grand Ole Opry to the Beijing Olympics, while its guitars are used by stars like Faith Hill and Duran Duran.

Today, Peavey remains committed to innovation and helping make rock-and-roll dreams – like Hartley’s – come true.

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