Tamale Trail

Tamale Trail

"She got two for a nickel, got four for a dime."

Blues legend Robert Johnson once sang about hot tamales, the tasty cornhusk-wrapped delicacies, several decades ago, and today, tamales remain a popular treat throughout the Mississippi Delta region and beyond.

The Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA) of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi decided to pay homage to the tamale by sharing its unique past and vibrant present with Mississippians and visitors to the state.

Given the history of hot tamales in the Mississippi Delta, along with the number of restaurants that still serve them, SFA partnered with Viking Range Corporation to establish the Hot Tamale Trail. The trail, which is featured on SFA’s website, gives the history and locations of existing and former tamale joints in hopes of luring tourists by the history – and the taste – of a sometimes forgotten indulgence that is still made fresh daily in locations throughout the region.

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