Viking Range Corporation

Viking Range Corporation

When Fred Carl, a former building contractor, first came up with the idea that a commercial-quality range could be produced for home kitchens, there were plenty of skeptics.

However, since 1990, Viking Range Corporation has taken off as a high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer marked by global sales and a commitment to its hometown’s revitalization.

Headquartered in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Viking has expanded its Greenwood, MS, production facility from 35,000 square feet to over 240,000 square feet – and built an acclaimed boutique hotel, spa, world-class restaurant, and cooking school, along the way.

Thanks to Viking’s high-profile success in the area, other businesses have been attracted to Greenwood to take part in the town’s renaissance.

Viking’s story stands as proof that a good idea can lead to an even better reality – no matter what the skeptics may think.

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